Pull in customer information from your CRM

Highrise Highrise

What it does:

  • Automatically sync details from the customer's Highrise profile to their Help Scout profile
  • Display the contact's profile link and tags in the customer sidebar
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Customer profile as seen in Highrise
Highrise profile syncs to Help Scout
Highrise profile link and tags shown in the sidebar

Highrise is a simple CRM from the fine folks at 37signals. It's great for managing your contacts, adding tasks associated with them and tracking sales opportunities. You can share all of this with your team so everyone is up-to-date on their relationship with your company.

One great thing about using Highrise alongside Help Scout is being able to sync profile information. By installing the App, customer profile data from Highrise will auto-sync with the customer's profile in Help Scout. This way you always have the latest contact information.

Another great benefit of this app is being able to track a few things in the customer sidebar. Help Scout pulls in a profile link and tags for the customer.