On this eighth day before Christmas, the gift to your true love is eight maids-a-milking. The maids are considered unskilled workers and only paid the $7.25 minimum wage. If each maid works for an hour, your fee will be $58. But then if you need something to milk ... well, we'll stop there.

The Ones that Make it Happen

Unskilled? No such thing! It takes a wide array of skills to keep any company running at its best. And let's face it: without a happy team that loves customers, your company can't deliver great service. What are some fun ways you can say โ€œthanksโ€ to your customer service champions while also building team camaraderie?

One great idea is the Friday Afternoon Club. A company we know treats their team to beer and sponsors ridiculous games [read: office chair races around the parking lot] every Friday at 4 pm. Bonus by-product: employees become better friends and the team spirit this engenders is great for productivity.

Great teams are the foundation of great service. Finding ways to serve, appreciate and bring them together is quite possibly the best thing you can do for your customers.

Gregory Ciotti

Gregory Ciotti is a writer, marketing strategist and alum of Help Scout, where he helped build the content program and brand from the ground up.

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