12 Days of THANKS - Day Five

Gregory Ciotti | December 17, 2011

On this fifth day of Christmas, the gift to your true love is five gold rings. These set you back about $645 ... unless you to go Tiffany’s, in which case they’ll be $1,600 plus tax. Finally, a gift from the song that your darling might actually want!

Your Company’s True Love: Customers

Your online customers are fans of a different kind of circles; the "exclusive" variety. Invite your most loyal customers into a VIP rewards program. Customers love the red carpet treatment, which is why Amazon's Prime membership or the Zappos VIP program is so popular. Tim Donnelly (@timdonnelly), contributor for Inc. Magazine, wrote a great article on how businesses can decide whether a customer rewards program is a good fit.

Exclusive circles also exist in social media, like Google+ circles! You can reward your socially savvy Google+ customers with special announcements, exclusive promotions or just have a hangout to answer questions. This strategy applies to any community where you talk with groups of customers. Go ahead, roll out that red carpet and your customers will THANK you for it.

About the author: Gregory Ciotti is a writer, marketing strategist and alum of Help Scout, where he helped build the content program and brand from the ground up.