On this ninth day before Christmas, the gift to your true love is nine ladies dancing. Philadanco, a dance company based in Philadelphia, prices out the services for the nine ladies dancing at $6,294. It’s safe to bet your one and only does not want to be gifted a troupe of dancing ladies. That is, unless you’re renting out an entire ballet company for a private performance of The Nutcracker. New total: $150,000.

Your Company’s True Love: Customers

There’s no need to break the bank with a lavish gift to thank a customer. Maybe your time is more valuable. Schedule a lunch at your customer's office, order in for anyone that will join you, then sit and listen. Go out of your way to meet people on the front lines and hear about what they do every day.

The benefit of this gesture is two-fold. First, free food and the idea of talking with friendly faces over lunch is a memorable wow factor for the customer. In addition, it's a critical learning experience for you. Knowing your customer's pain points can help you improve your product or service. As a tech startup we call it "customer development," but it's really just good old-fashioned customer service.

Gregory Ciotti

Gregory Ciotti

Greg is a writer, marketing strategist and alum of Help Scout. Connect with him on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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