May 9, 2012

3 Days, $100k and Why We Gave it Away

3 Days, $100k and Why We Gave it Away

Back in December, we spent a couple of Saturdays working on a side project. It was a 10x26 letterpress poster commemorating a famous Steve Jobs quote. We decided to sell the poster and donate the proceeds to a non-profit called the Acumen Fund. As promised when we blogged about it the first time, today we'd like to share how it turned out.

When we launched the website (, we emailed a few friends and hoped to sell enough to cover our printing costs. The next thing we knew, the poster was showing up in some really interesting places around the web!

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The good news is that we covered our costs. The GREAT news is that 3 days, 115k website visitors, 4k tweets, 4k Facebook likes, 607 support requests and many, many orders later, we also raised a lot of money for charity. $100,000 to be exact.

Here are some photos we took along the way ...

Framed posters, packed and ready to ship

We boxed up posters all day...

...and all night.

We became best friends with ups

Only recently did our merchant processor release the funds so that we could make the donation. It exceeded our wildest expectations. The generosity shown over the course of this project was unbelievable and we thank everyone that participated.

If you aren't aware of the Acumen Fund and their entrepreneurial vision to tackle poverty, please do spend some time on their website- They also kindly shared the following statement with us:

The support and generosity of Help Scout allows Acumen Fund to further our mission of creating a world beyond poverty. With support like this, we are able to invest in social enterprises, emerging leaders and breakthrough ideas in order to provide critical and affordable goods and services to the world's poor.

Special thanks to James Wu, Elizabeth Patella and Batool Hassan, who we had the pleasure of working with at the Acumen Fund.


Written by Nick Francis Nick Francis

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Debra May 9


John Saddington May 9

yay! here was mine!

Dewey May 9

Awesome job. What a success in a short period of time. Good to help people help themselves.

Colin Leask May 9

Thanks so much for an amazing poster that helped such a great cause.

Mine is hanging proudly in my office in Melbourne AUSTRALIA!

Jared McDaniel May 9

@Debra @Dewey Thank you both!!

@John Awesome post! Thanks for sharing and for your support.

@Colin Our pleasure!! Thank YOU for being a part of this.

Antoine May 9

Very very cool stuff ! Congratulations ツ can't wait to receive mine.. although might take a while since I gave you a mailing address in California and live in Sydney !

Jared McDaniel May 9

@Antoine Thanks so much! Bummer you haven't gotten in-hand quite yet, but hopefully sooner than later!

Jeff Gadway May 9

Yes, congrats!
Just got mine back from having it framed.
How many did you end up shipping when all was said and done?

Susan Murtaugh May 10

Congratulations, a job well done. I love mine hanging in the living room for all to see.

Kevin May 22

Wow, congratulations on the HUGE success, guys.

Vova Jun 13

Great job guys! You are AWESOME.

Jack Behar Jun 13

$100k ... AMAZING! You guys rock!

Ramu Tremblay Jun 13

What a memorable accomplishment. Congratulations guys!

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