Customers We Love: Meet PerkStreet Financial

Help Scout | August 11, 2011

You’ve probably noticed an overt theme throughout our Help Scout blog: customer service. As such, we think it’s only appropriate that we introduce you to our favorite case studies—Help Scout customers. They’re the guinea pigs for the best-of-the-best customer service tips that our team is always compiling (hint hint: we’d love to hear your favorite tips!). We simply couldn’t ask for a more receptive group to practice on.

This is the first in a series of ongoing articles that will introduce you to our customers, of whom we are so very proud. We will highlight the Help Scout features they find most useful (take notes!) as well as their advice to others in the business of giving great customer service.

And now, it’s our pleasure to introduce you to PerkStreet Financial.

PerkStreet is a unique type of financial institution that creates, sells, and services checking accounts. They make a guarantee to their customers that is pretty darn enticing: your FDIC-insured PerkStreet checking account will give you more debit rewards than any other account in America.

This promising lure brings in approximately 100 customer inquiries per day. We spoke to PerkStreet’s Customer Experience Manager, Brendan Carroll, to find out how Help Scout assists their team in fielding everything from questions to Facebook posts to fan mail.

Brendan’s team previously used Outlook and had multiple mailboxes set up, but he said this was a confusing system where emails got lost in the mix or the same email got answered multiple times. “We had run into instances where three of us had answered the same question. Since we’ve switched over to Help Scout there are no more double efforts.”

"Help Scout helps us manage who answers what, and is especially useful for social media."

Most importantly, Help Scout’s features have made communicating with their customers a lot easier. “Help Scout helps us manage who answers what, and is especially useful for social media.” The PerkStreet team has all of their Facebook wall posts emailed to a separate Help Scout mailbox, from which they assign and delegate accordingly just like it’s a normal support request. This way none of their Facebook comments fall through the cracks.

Another thing Brendan and the PerkStreet team rely on is Help Scout’s email notifications. “When I’m at home during off hours, it’s great to see new inquiries in my personal inbox and be able to update them over email without having to login.”

With Help Scout all of PerkStreet’s emails get answered in 24 hours or less—a customer service standard the company stands by. “I think Help Scout is really about effectiveness. My favorite feature is the ability to be able to assign each inquiry to a different person. Now I know everything is being answered. It’s also great to see where everything stands, or to be able to add a note my colleagues can see.”

Setting up a Help Scout account for PerkStreet was simple—Brendan said it only took 5 minutes to get started. A half-dozen employees currently use the service, but that’s about to change. He wants any employee that interacts with customers to use it … which pretty much means all 50 or so employees.

Brendan is confident that Help Scout will allow a seamless transition in bringing the rest of the company on board with customer communications.

“Help Scout is really useful as you’re scaling up and getting more customer inquiries. If you get more than 10 inquiries a day, you definitely need to use it. It keeps everyone on the same page by making communication around customer issues very easy for our entire team.”

One for the Road

As a final takeaway, we couldn’t help asking PerkStreet one of our favorite questions:

What’s the best bit of advice you can give on delivering outstanding customer service?

“Great customer service is about listening to the customer’s needs, addressing those needs, and then being proactive to address the problem at its core so it does not arise again,” said Brendan. “I’m excited to be at a company that truly values its customers and challenges the status quo.”

To learn more about what’s happening at PerkStreet, check out their website.

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