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We recently spent a couple of Saturdays working on a side project. It's a 10x26 letterpress poster with an iconic quote from Steve Jobs, which was part of an Apple commercial several years ago. Below is an image where you can read the entire thing.

We have a lot of reasons for creating the poster. Foremost among them is living out one of our core values: "Be Givers." We decided to sell the poster and donate 100% of the proceeds (minus expenses) to a non-profit we LOVE called the Acumen Fund (thanks, Seth Godin). The Fund’s mission is to alleviate poverty by investing in social enterprises, emerging leaders and breakthrough ideas.

Yesterday, we quietly launched a site for the poster, sent a few emails about it to friends and media contacts, and then went about our day. The next few hours proved awe-inspiring and humbling as a few people bought it, then a few more, then a bunch more. Our first run of 500 prints sold out in a matter of hours.

Crazy Ones Poster

Gregory Ciotti

Gregory Ciotti is a writer, marketing strategist and alum of Help Scout, where he helped build the content program and brand from the ground up.