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“Since we have implemented the Help Scout + Pipedrive integration, customer retention is up almost 10 percent.”

Brock Jackson, Calldrip Co-founder

Of course, reacting to these lead opportunities so quickly requires a lean and nimble team across every department, including sales and customer support. The Calldrip team needed a customer support solution that would:

  • Integrate well with Pipedrive, their CRM solution
  • Allow them to spend more time connecting with customers and less time learning a new tool
  • Match their own mantra: easy to get started, intuitive and easy to use

"Prior to Help Scout, we were on a large, popular, enterprise-y help desk solution, but it was difficult to share communication updates across our customer support and sales teams," says Calldrip co-founder, Brock Jackson. "Bigger wasn’t better by any means. And more unnecessary bells and whistles looked good on paper, but meant more work, more administration, and more confusion, without getting more impact in return."

By switching to Help Scout — a solution that integrates with Pipedrive, their CRM solution — the Calldrip team was able to maintain its high standard for responsiveness, while keeping data and information perfectly synced across systems and teams.

We love Pipedrive for the same reason we love Help Scout: the ease of getting set up and efficiency, without compromising any of the power, security, or scalability

"Once a conversation has been started and the opportunity exists in Pipedrive, that information is also available right in the customer profile pane in Help Scout. Calldrip has an amazing customer retention reputation — and we’ll do anything to keep our customers happy. Since we have implemented the Pipedrive and Help Scout integration, customer retention is up almost 10 percent," Jackson says.

Calldrip team

Pipedrive + Help Scout Integration

"Our support team can monitor the activities planned to help close deals—like a prospect’s deal status—right within Help Scout. If the team needs further details, they can just click to go straight into the Pipedrive record."

"We love being able to bcc from Help Scout to Pipedrive so all communication is automatically logged within Pipedrive."

Pipedrive Integration

CSV Export

"The updated Help Scout reporting features have been extremely helpful to the Calldrip team. Each month, we download a CSV report that reflects performance for each of our internal Help Scout users. This helps us track performance and provide additional training where needed, and allows us to reward great performance and commend employees for a job well done. We also heavily track customer satisfaction with the new CSV export feature to ensure each of our valued customers are satisfied with the customer support they received."

CSV Export

Calldrip’s favorite features


Build on the ease of internal notes, and loop multiple teammates into customer conversations

CSV Export

Perform custom analysis by exporting your reporting data to a CSV or Excel file


Categorize conversations, monitor trends and trigger workflows


Private communications between users that aren’t visible to the customer

Free training & 24-hour support

99.99% uptime the last 12 months

Serious about security & privacy