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Help Scout Isn't for Enterprises

While an all-in-one support tool is great for enterprises, small businesses need fewer bells and whistles, better focus and execution.

Help Scout is scalable and efficient for teams up to 100 users. Focus on your most important channels, phone and email, make it more affordable and suited to the way you do business.

A Different Approach

Most help desks are designed to reduce support costs and minimize human touch points, which can be a frustrating experience for customers.

Help Scout is designed for a great customer experience, one that builds long-term loyalty and is focused on personalization. Best of all, it still scales beautifully as your business grows.

Help Desk Productivity Without the Complexities


Imagine's filters, macros and 10 types of business rules as one simple feature. Meet Workflows.

Invisible to Customers

Your customers don't have to use Help Scout. Emails are personalized, without portals or case numbers.

Simple Setup / Training

Fewer bells and whistles make training your team much easier. And we'll help you free of charge.

Multi-Mailbox Support

If you manage multiple products or emails, Help Scout has clear separation and permissions for each mailbox.

Save thousands, no hard sell

Help Scout costs $15/user/month and you can add Docs (a knowledge base) for $25/month. There are no customization fees, annual contracts or pesky sales reps.

Great Support for Every Customer

Help Scout provides excellent chat/phone/email support for every customer, even the Free ones. Need training or help getting set up? That's free too.

10 Users25 Users

Help Scout $158/mo $360/mo $290+/mo $725+/mo
Annual Savings $1,584+ $4,380+

Help Scout price includes Docs ($25/mo.) and annual pricing, as requires annual payment.

“We're big fans of Help Scout, fantastic service with a great team behind it and we've used desk and zendesk previously.”- RPM Interactive
“Seriously guys, you have the best SaaS app I’ve used in a LONG time. It’s simple and just works perfectly. Very impressed!”- Carl Mercier,
“I've tested a lot customer support tools, like zendesk, desk, snappy, etc. Help Scout fits best. It's clean, simple and beautiful. Thank you for the great app.”- Héliton Nordt
“We've tried tons of systems. Some a lot more $$. Help Scout is the only one that the whole team unanimously decided was worth keeping.”- Ryan Sullivan,