Help Desk Tip #1: Use Tags to Delight Your Customers

Justin Rochell | September 19, 2016
Help Desk Tips is a weekly series featuring best practices and tips from support professionals on optimizing your help desk and support department.

Help Desk Tip #1: Delight Your Customers with Tags

Tags are a lightweight, flexible, and powerful feature that can enable support teams to create memorable experiences for their customers.

We assign at least one tag to every support conversation, and have established a common syntax or “language” for our tags, so they are easy for the entire team to define and use. This consistency lets us quickly recall conversations about a particular topic or issue and act upon them.

For example, we recently fixed a UI bug in our Android app that several users reported. Since we had defined a tag for this issue, it took little effort to find all related interactions, and send a quick follow-up about the fix, creating an unexpected and delightful experience for our users. Here’s a direct quote from one user who received a follow-up from us:

“I’m blown away, honestly. I don’t think I’ve ever experienced such considerate customer service.”

How to set it up

The basic syntax we use is platform-area-issue. Using the example above, here’s how we defined the Tag that the team used to track the issue:

Therefore, the tag we ended up using was: “android-n-menuoffscreen”

How to manage tags

We have tons of tags, but that’s ok! We haven’t seen too much downside from having a large number of them. Here’s some additional points about how we use tags that we have found helpful:

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About the author: Justin Rochell is Head of Community at Pocket.