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#HumansOfSupport is a storytelling series by Help Scout featuring support professionals sharing their experiences working in customer service.
Best Part of the Day

Before working in Support, I worked in healthcare. At one point I was a medic, and during my training I was told “You get the opportunity to be the best part of someone’s day, on the worst day of their life.” This always stuck with me, and was my driving passion for every patient interaction. Once I transitioned out of that role, every job afterwards felt lackluster. I kept returning to that saying in my head and wanting that feeling back. After a few weeks working in Customer Support a customer thanked me for being an awesome part of their day. It was in that moment that I realized I’d found it again. With every interaction in Support, you have the opportunity to be the best part of that person’s day. I consider that a pretty awesome superpower.

Chelsea Stroh

Chelsea Stroh is the Customer Happiness Manager at Recruiterbox, an online recruitment software & applicant tracking system for small businesses.