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Customer Health

At Cultures for Health, my most touching moment was when a gentleman called just to say “thank you.”

He had been told by his doctor 2 years prior that he didn’t have long to live. He was morbidly obese, with all manner of health conditions. He searched online for changes he could make, came across our site, and started adding cultured foods to his diet. He continued making more and more changes over time.

The support team had no idea his story, of course, but he appreciated our dedication to his success with our products. In our phone call, he was nearly in tears as he told me he was back to a healthy weight, most of his health conditions had cleared up, and he wanted to express gratitude for our support.

I had to take a moment to compose myself after that call! From then on, I often reminded myself that if someone was really frustrated with our product, or emotional about an issue, it likely had nothing to do with me or the product.

There is so much background that we never know about our customers. But when I take the time to learn their background, I have always been grateful that I took the time to extend that compassion.

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Sarah Betts

Sarah Betts

Sarah is a Feels Herder at Olark where she focuses on understanding the customer experience. Connect with her on Twitter or on LinkedIn.

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