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#HumansOfSupport is a storytelling series by Help Scout featuring support professionals sharing their experiences working in customer service.
Honest Mistake

While providing development support at DoneDone, I received an email from a customer who was unable to locate several in-progress issues in one of their projects.

After some back-and-forth detective work, we discovered that a user had been removed from the account earlier that day, and that the “delete this user’s data” option had been selected. I also learned that the deleted issues were for the website of a popular TV show, which was in the middle of airing its new season.

Knowing that this customer was likely feeling a lot of pressure from their client, I spent the afternoon building a recovery file from our database backups, then re-imported all of their accidentally-deleted issues. They were ecstatic that we were able to help them get back in action so quickly, and it felt great to help them recover from an honest mistake.

Jeremy Kratz

Jeremy is a full-stack web developer currently living the remote life working at We Are Mammoth. Connect with Jeremy on Twitter or on his website.