Get a broader view on the customer service and support industry with The Supportive, a monthly series by Mat at Help Scout.

In this month’s The Supportive, we’ll trace knowledge bases from Ancient Egypt through to modern times, and review HelpU’s September content.


Your knowledge base isn’t just helpful for customers, it’s also useful for your staff . A well-structured, clearly written, and cleanly designed knowledge base helps customers help themselves, acts as a learning tool for new staff, and can even be a source for machine learning.

The time and energy spent creating help documents is lost if those documents are hard to find or hard to read. All this month on HelpU, we’re giving you actionable advice on knowledge base design.

Mathew Patterson

Mathew Patterson

After running a support team for years, Mat joined the marketing team at Help Scout, the invisible help desk software. Learn how Help Scout takes the headache out of email support.

Help Scout gives you the tools to serve customers in the most human, helpful way.

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Designing Knowledge Bases

Guides to designing and architecting your knowledge base to make it easier to find and read, help getting started and the behind-the-secenes story of a large knowledge base migration.

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