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In this month’s Supportive we’re talking about messaging applications and their role in customer support. After you’ve watched the short video, check out the links below for some useful context.


Messaging and customer service

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Understanding the messaging landscape

Mathew Patterson

Mathew Patterson

After running a support team for years, Mat joined the marketing team at Help Scout, the invisible help desk software. Learn how Help Scout takes the headache out of email support.

Help Scout gives you the tools to serve customers in the most human, helpful way.

Better experience for your customers, fewer headaches for your team. You'll be set up in minutes.

“We ended up going with Help Scout because their support is really great. It's in line with our values and how we want support to be for our customers.” — Kristin Aardsma, Head of Support

Chat + Messaging

Understand the impact of chat bots, live chat and messaging services on how you provide customer service. Learn how to effectively plan and implement live chat and messaging channels for your support team.

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