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Help Scout’s on a mission to make every customer interaction more helpful and human.

Help Scout - Conversations

Happy teams, happy customers, warm fuzzies

Our intuitive collaboration tools keep everything organized and humming along. Help Scout Mailboxes are built with everything you need, and nothing else.

Collision Detection

See who is viewing or replying in real-time


Categorize conversations or trigger automations

Saved Replies

Two-click access to your most common responses


@mention users in notes to collaborate privately

Help Scout conversation reply
Help Scout collision detection
Help Scout tags
Help Scout saved replies
Help Scout notes

Untangle the mailbox mess

Create multiple mailboxes for each shared email address, so you can work seamlessly across departments, or manage several products or brands from a single account.

Help Scout multiple mailboxes

Automate the grunt work

Keeping it personal doesn’t mean doing everything by hand. Get repeatable tasks out of the way with workflows: a simple automation system based on if/then logic.

Keep your finger on the pulse

With our robust and accessible Reporting, you can measure team performance, spot trends to prevent issues, monitor customer happiness, and more. You’ll be a star in every meeting.

More about reports

Help Scout - Conversation Report

Answers are one click away

Embed Beacon on your website to supply your customers with immediate answers and relevant content. Customize Beacon’s look, and gather useful data with each customer interaction. Beacons are as magical as unicorns, and thrice as practical.

More about Beacon
Filtering report data
  1. Using Views to filter reporting data
  2. Understanding reports in Help Scout
  3. Reporting definitions and scenarios
  4. Reports: Productivity
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Help Scout has 50+ Integrations you can plug directly into your existing workflow. We’ve also got extensive developer tools, if that’s your cup of tea!

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