Easy Automation for Busy Support Teams


CRM systems, email marketing software, help desks, and more - you require a lot of different tools to run your business successfully. However, when your tools aren’t in sync, mission critical information can fall through the cracks and tedious busywork can suck up your team’s time.

Join Thomas Hils, Support Training Lead at Zapier, Andra Roston, Customer Champion at Zapier, and Mo McKibbin, Customer Champion at Help Scout, for a nuts and bolts live chat on using Zapier to deepen existing integrations, provide new connections, and automate processes for your support team.

What you’ll learn:

  • Get support reporting insights where you need them, via email, Slack, or Geckoboard
  • Stay on top of incoming Tweets with Twitter notifications
  • Transform customer support conversations into “to-dos” in Asana or Trello
  • Get your sales and support in sync with CRM Zaps like Infusionsoft and Salesforce

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