The Business Case for Loving Customers



It's a great feeling when an employee goes out of their way to be helpful. It’s also memorable when someone remembers your name, takes ownership to solve a problem or says thank you for being a loyal customer.

Fact is, being treated well has and always will matter to people.

But is there a business case for companies to treat people this way? Does loving customers really drive value to the bottom line? Is it worth the time and effort for everyone in your company to directly help customers?

Today more so than ever, these questions can be answered with a clear and resounding YES. Numerous studies and statistics support a single fact: Great service is great for business.

Customers aren't the only beneficiaries of great service; when executed the right way, it empowers employees to make good decisions and do their best work.

So the business case for loving customers is both a marketing strategy and a way to build a strong company culture.

This guide presents a wealth of data, helping you understand why loving customers works. It also outlines several strategies and best practices your team can begin implementing today. Lastly, you'll hear from a number of successful companies that love customers—and are reaping the rewards.

Chapter 2: Why Loving Customers Works