August 15, 2012

Infographic: 10 Things Your Customers WISH You Knew About Them

Infographic: 10 Things Your Customers WISH You Knew About Them

Gone are the days when businesses could rely on crafty salesman alone to sell their products and services: today's customer is only a click away from obtaining a huge variety of information about your brand and the things that you sell.

This highly informed customer wants you to know as much about them as they know about you.

This is because great interactions with customers begins with knowing your customers wants and needs. Given that you aren't able to meet each and every one of them, how can you achieve this? The answer is through research: studies in social psychology and customer satisfaction reveal consistent patterns of human behavior and the thoughts that people hold about the brands they interact with.

Today, we have a showcase of 10 of the most important things that your customers wish you knew about them (backed by research). We think you'll enjoy it! :)

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Why This is Important

If you're a small business owner (or a customer!) who understands the importance of a great customer experience and loves when businesses go above and beyond to deliver it, join us in sharing the following quote:

There is only one boss: the customer. They can fire the whole company, simply by spending their money somewhere else -
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Wise words from Mr. Sam Walton, the founder of Wal-Mart. Even with all of this great information at your disposal, it's important to remember the point behind knowing your customers.

That is to say: your customer doesn't care about how much you know until they know how much you care.

Knowing your customer and their wants is only the first step of a great experience, it's up to you to understand what your company does best and how you can deliver the kind of satisfaction that doesn't just create a sale, but a loyal customer.

After all, for every happy customer you keep, that's one less that you need to find. :)

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Written by Gregory Ciotti Greg ciotti

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Jacob Aug 16

This is exceptional. I would like to get it tattooed on my chest.

Gregory Ciotti Aug 16

@Jacob - Haha, now that would be some excellent advertising ;)

Ian Adams Aug 16

Really solid infographic guys! now i have to check out your site.

Gregory Ciotti Aug 16

@Ian Thanks man! We're definitely aiming to put out even more great customer-centric content. Glad to have you stop by, let me know if you have any more questions about the Help Scout software.

Joseph Putnam Aug 16

Hi Gregory, great work with this infographic. There's a lot of really good stuff here. My favorite is the random acts of kindness. Keep up the awesome work!

Gregory Ciotti Aug 16

@Joseph Will do my man, thanks for your support!

Tara Aug 21

@ jacob:

If you do, be sure to upload the pics!!

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