Beacon provides help right where your customers need it.

Introducing a fully customizable embed form you can install on any web page in a couple of minutes.

Make it your own

Beacon can be customized in a number of ways to suit your specific needs, modal or link - you choose.

Other customization options

Pick your own colors & icons

Translate to other languages

Toggle the contact form & Docs search

Powerful features

Beacon is designed not only for a great customer experience, but also to provide your support team with actionable data so they can work efficiently.

Suggest an article based on relevant content

With the suggestion feature, you can put articles front and center based on the page people are viewing. On a pricing page, you can suggest the Pricing FAQs.

Auto tag incoming requests using Topics

Each topic you present in the contact form maps to a tag in Help Scout. Topics are 100% customizable and tags can trigger any number of Workflows in your help desk.

                   name: ‘Pete Maverick Mitchell’,
                   email: ‘’,
                   ‘age’ : 36,
                   location: ‘San Diego’

Give your support team super powers

A couple lines of code can make a world of difference when you use the identify method. You can specify any custom value that helps the support team provide the right answer. In addition, Help Scout automatically includes location, search and device information.

Try Beacon for yourself

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