Delight Customers in Less Time

  • Copy support emails to your
    Help Scout mailbox.
  • Help Scout features allow your team to collaborate and work faster.
  • Customer replies are still personalized like a normal email.
"We couldn’t do our support without Help Scout, and being good at support has helped us so much."
Joel Gascoigne,

Help desk scale without the clutter

Stay productive without exposing customers to ticket numbers, portals or robotic emails.
Who says a personal touch doesn't scale?

Stay Organized with Workflows

Use workflows to filter emails, setup custom folders or automate actions quickly.

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Help Scout Workflows

Tag Management

Prioritize and categorize conversations with Tags

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Saved Replies

Insert personalized responses to FAQ’s with saved replies.

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Email Integration

Update conversations from your personal inbox, no login required.

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Collaborate with Your Team

Nothing slips through the cracks and everyone stays on the same page with Help Scout.

Insightful Reporting

Reports enable you to monitor volume, optimize response time, see the most common customer questions and monitor employee performance.

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Help Scout Reports

Notes & Delegation

Communicate internally by assigning conversations or adding private notes.

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Traffic Cop

This unique feature prevents two people from sending duplicate replies to the customer.

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Multiple Mailboxes

Manage separate products or companies in one account with multiple mailboxes.

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Build Customer Relationships

Customer Profiles

Context is everything, so every customer has an editable profile that includes complete conversation history.

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Help Scout Profiles
Help Scout Phone Calls

Phone Calls & Voicemails

Keep track of customer phone calls and store voicemails all in one place

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Be helpful 24/7 with Docs

Empower customers to find answers on-demand with a full-featured knowledge base.

  • Works Everywhere
  • Integrated with the help desk
  • Brandable
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Extend & Integrate

Help Scout Apps

Help Scout Apps

Apps are one-click integrations with other products, like live chat, CRM and more.

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Help Scout Custom Apps

Custom Apps

Pull data from a third party source into the customer sidebar to maximize agent productivity.

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Help Scout Developer API

Developer API

Developers can build their own integration with Help Scout's read/write API.

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