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Works Everywhere

Your website works on any device: desktop, tablet or mobile. Customers will find what they need no matter where they are.


Make each site your own with several color and layout options. For advanced control, you can add a custom CSS stylesheet.

Integrated with the Help Desk

The Docs search bar is front and center when you view a conversation, so you can find an article and insert a link without leaving the page.

Built for Collaboration

Docs has built-in collision control. You'll be notified instantly when someone else is editing an article.

Manage up to 5 sites

Need a separate knowledge base for each product or brand in your company? No problem! You can manage up to 5 separate sites at no additional charge.

Instantly Useful

Your site will start reducing email volume once you publish the first article. A typical Docs site looks like ours.

Upload HTML, Markdown or Text

You can upload new articles in HTML, Markdown or txt format.


Translate any of your sites from English into the language of your choice.

Hacker friendly

The Docs API includes everything you need to custom tailor the experience and suit a more unique set of requirements.

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