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Help Scout - Customer Support Software with a Personal Touch

Increase productivity with Workflows

Automate one or more actions with some basic if/then logic. There are endless ways Workflows can help your support team ...

Automate Actions

"If the subject line contains invoice, assign the email to Julie and add the billing tag."

Send Bulk Replies

"For all conversations tagged issue-123, email the customer and close the conversation."

Create Custom Views

"If active conversations go 24 hours without a reply, add them to the Overdue folder."

Keep everyone on the same page

Help Scout TagsCategorize conversations, monitor trends & trigger Workflows with Tags


Categorize conversations, monitor trends & trigger Workflows

Help Scout Saved RepliesAnswer common questions and keep messages personalized

Saved Replies

Answer common questions and keep the message personalized

Help Scout Notes & DelegationAssign conversations and communicate privately with notes


Delegate and communicate privately with a team member

Customer Story

See how uses Help Scout

Relationship history right where you need it

Every customer has an auto-populated, editable profile including their entire history with your company. It can even sync with your CRM.

Integrate Live Chat

Help Scout seamlessly integrates with services like Olark and Snap Engage so that every chat is automatically stored in the customer's profile.

Phone Calls & Voicemails

50+ voicemail services are supported out of the box. Logging phone calls is quick and easy too.

A powerful help desk that fits in your pocket

Empower your team to collaborate anytime, anywhere. Help Scout for iPhone keeps your finger (literally) on the pulse of customer support, and the conversation going with your customers.

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