How does Help Scout compare to Freshdesk?

Help Scout vs. Freshdesk

A Different Approach to Support

Most help desks are designed to reduce support costs and reduce touch points, by putting a "system" between customers and the company.

Help Scout is designed to be invisible to your customers. They get the same personal touch as email, without the portals or ticket numbers. But your team still has all the benefits of a scalable help desk.

Built for Productivity

Help Scout keeps your team productive, then gets out of the way. There are no games or badges, only a simple product that helps your support team stay on the same page.

Teams of up to 100 users collaborate on customer support with Help Scout every day. Fewer bells & whistles mean you can be up and running in minutes.

Help Desk Efficiency Minus the Headaches


What you know as Business rules and automations in Freshdesk is what Help Scout calls Workflows.

Invisible to Customers

Help Scout is the first help desk your customers don't have to use. To the customer, it's just a personal email.

Simple Setup / Training

Fewer bells & whistles make training a breeze, and we'll help you get going free of charge.

Multi-Mailbox Support

If you manage multiple email addresses, Help Scout has clear separation and permissions for each.

Save Thousands Annually

Help Scout costs $15/user/month and you can add Docs (a knowledge base) for $25/month. There are no pricing tiers, customization fees or annual contracts.

10 Users25 Users

Help Scout $175/mo $400/mo
Freshdesk $290/mo $725/mo
Annual Savings $1,380 $3,900

Help Scout price includes Docs ($25/mo.), Freshdesk price based on the Garden plan

“I just have to say that we've made a tour of all kind of services - Zendesk, Freshdesk and others. You guys have just nailed it. Everything just where I need it.”- Andrew Brown, Impress Brand
“Hoping to use this app for a lifetime. Simplicity is why I have chosen Help Scout over Zen and Freshdesk.”- Gautam Khorana, Bello Jewels
“Our customers want to think they are talking to a person, not some automated ticketing system ... we had managed to strip most of the helpdesk stuff out of Freshdesk but this is just so much easier.”- Jake Withecombe, Rugged Networks
“We've tried tons of systems. Some a lot more $$. Help Scout is the only one that the whole team unanimously decided was worth keeping.”- Ryan Sullivan,