Data-driven Happiness

Help Scout gives you insights that drive results.

Conversations Report

Busiest Time of Day

See when your team is busiest, shuffle schedules when you need the whole team on deck, or make a data-backed case for that extra hire.


Track which tags get the most traction from customers so you can make educated decisions about what problems to solve next.

Saved replies

Find out what makes your team sound like a broken record and use that to inspire new help documentation and clarity for your customers.

Help Scout - Conversations Report

Productivity Report

Filter by Office Hours

Your team’s numbers shouldn’t suffer when the office is closed. Flip this handy switch to see your productivity metrics during work hours.

First Response Time

First impressions go a long way. Be more responsive and on point by monitoring how long your customers wait for that first touch point.

Time-based Drill Downs

Quickly identify your biggest challenges as a team by looking at conversations that are taking much longer than normal to resolve or handle.

Help Scout - Productivity Report

User Report

User Reporting

As a manager, everything you need to provide valuable feedback and guidance for your team is on a single page. No prep work required!

Customers Helped

Give your team that warm fuzzy feeling of knowing their impact to the business. Comparisons to the previous period help you keep an eye on increasing demand.

Personal Assessment

If you sense someone slipping, review individual Happiness Ratings and Conversation History to target exactly what needs attention, and how to help.

Help Scout - User Report

Happiness Report

Happiness Score

Measure happiness by tapping into your customers true feelings about the support they receive from your team using customer satisfaction ratings.

Filter Ratings

Never miss out on an opportunity to follow up with an angry customer’s lingering question with at-a-glance Rating Comments, and quickly discover coaching opportunities by filtering by rating.

View Conversation

Learn what works with your customers (and what doesn’t) by easily viewing rated conversations and drilling down on the specific details.

Help Scout - Happiness Report

Docs Report

Visitor Interaction

Monitor the overall health of your Knowledge Base: if customers find the answers they need or still need help from your support team.

Fix Failed Searches

A failed search is frustrating for customers. Help them find the right answers at the right time by flagging what terms come up empty in your Docs search.

Top Articles

Get creepy psychic insights into customers’ most common questions, helping you discover possible areas for improvement.

Help Scout - Docs Report

CSV Export

Perform custom analysis by exporting your reporting data to a CSV or Excel file.

Save your favorite reports with Views

Distill your data with flexible filtering options in Reports Views. Views make it easy to save a set of filters and re-visit them in two clicks.

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