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Beacon is way more than chat.

Say farewell to overwhelming chat volume, staffing nightmares, and frustrated customers abandoned in chat windows.

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Lead with instant answers

Your customers will see helpful articles based on the page they’re on. No need to go looking.

Self-help is fun now

Browsing articles is easy, and talking with a human is still only one click away.

Dynamic articles

Create help content with images, videos, or whatever else you need to support your customers.

Smart availability

Chat is only an option when someone’s available to help. It’s like magic!

Chat with a real person

Customers only see a chat interface when they’re connected with someone on your team.

History’s no mystery

Customers can quickly access previous conversations and reply from Beacon.

Everything in one place

Beacon is baked right into your Help Scout Mailbox.
No switching tools or opening tabs—chats are only a click away.

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