March 28, 2013

Infographic: What is Bad Customer Service Costing Your Business?

Infographic: What is Bad Customer Service Costing Your Business?

Is bad customer service creating a leak in your business, letting potentially loyal customers slip away?

While some companies see customer service as nothing more than a necessary expense, the data shows that providing great service is as rewarding for customers as it is for your bottom line.

Below we will be looking at some of the most important statistics relating to outstanding service and it’s impact on customer loyalty and business growth.

Let’s dive in!

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Written by Gregory Ciotti Greg ciotti


Kayla Mar 28

This is very helpful. Thank you for giving me something to share! I love the stats you pulled into it. Very insightful!

Gregory Ciotti Mar 28

Thanks Kayla! Glad you enjoyed it. :)

Mary Ann Mar 28

Good information. Good customer is the only thing that separates you from your competition and bringing in repeat business. Thanks.

Mary Ann Mar 28

Revised comment: It is good customer service that separates us from the good & the bad.

Shep Hyken Mar 28

Great information that makes the case that it just makes good sense to provide a great customer service experience. That sounds like common sense, but unfortunately it’s not always so common.

jay Mar 28

Great posting.
In the world of personality types there is one type who appears as the chatty, friendly type, who's low key and needs lots of step by step guidance. They need superior service and a superb guarantee because they tell all their friends and family the good, the bad and the UGLY about their support experiences. It's good to learn how to I D these callers and it's GOOD for business. They can become your evangelists.

Luke Mar 29

Great infographics let's go to work on customer servise !

Paul Mar 29

Great info there good customer service is not a choice but a must because customers are our employers they fire everyone from chairman to CEO to junior most employee by just spending their money elsewhere.

Mike Fiato Mar 29

Providing superior service is a skill. Its great to see stats that reinforce the need for both service training and holding the front line team accountable to service standards.

amine Mar 29

Great information.
as service provider everyone should know best customer service experience is the right hand for every business success. Nowadays it is becoming a key for defeating business competetors in agiven industry.

Mthunzi Mar 30

Customer service is key. Now its time I start measuring customer service in my business.

Bill Apr 10

Awesome infographic! You just helped me on my content strategy! Thanks!

Mary Apr 11

This is a GREAT article. I really appreciate all the statistics and layout. I have been sharing this with my family, friends, and clients. The world would be a better place if everyone put more emphasis on service.

Trish Voskovitch Apr 12

Could you imagine losing over 80% of your customers but not knowing why? The customer experience lies in the hands of your customer facing employees. What they say/do and how they say/do it reflects on your brand as a whole.

mathew porter Apr 16

As a small startup, marketing agency owner I know the value in good customer relations. We have picked up some large ecommerce clients as previous agencies neglected the management of their marketing campaigns.

Salvador Polonan Apr 22

Awesome infographic! The layout and statistics shows customer service has a great part in one company and the heart to communicate with customers, We should train them to be efficient and competent in dealing with customers to gain the loyalty and trust of our customers.

Arise Johns May 2

Customer services is like back bone of any business because its main function to keep touch customers, and all knows customer is really very important. Thanks

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