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Customer Service Reporting with Real Impact

Wednesday, December 13th • 1:00 PM ET

Your help desk tool gives you a heap of predefined reports to work with, but they can’t tell you which ones matter to your company. How can you turn your customer service reporting from a document that goes unread to information that makes a real difference to your business?

Join Chase Clemons, Support Pro at Basecamp and founder of SupportOps, and Nick Francis, CEO of Help Scout, for a live chat on how support teams can be more effective in their reporting.

What you’ll learn:

  • Why measuring the right things matters
  • How to find out what your CEO wants to know about your support team
  • How not to waste your boss’s time with your reporting
  • When to review your reporting method and content
This discussion is hosted on HelpU, the new education resource for people who want to deliver better service, no matter which tools they use.

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